Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Playing with Colors: Neon Orange Against a Warm Pink

Peace to all, and happy Tuesday!

As I was breaking my shopping hiatus with an online order from the J.Crew sale section, I was already plotting to pair this orange sweater with this pink pencil skirt.  The sweater was a lot more orange in person, and even more neon orange in photos, but I enjoyed the contrast against the warm, pink tone of the skirt.  I also love how deeply, evenly brown I look while wearing such a vibrant, orange color.

The Tippi sweater, aptly named neon flame, is a sweater I already can't wait to wear again!  It's lightweight but warm and the cut is amazing.  I kinda want another one...

The double serge pencil skirt in heather sorbet will be even more fun once I get the waist taken in and I can wear it as a high-waist pencil skirt.

The boots are Matisse via DSW.

The black and cream polka dot bracelet is vintage and the cloth leopard one is A Gypsy's Junk.

The necklace is from H&M.  I decided to wear neutral accessories in warm tones to bring the outfit together.  Brown leather boots on the bottom, and shades of gray-brown up top as well.  Oh, and the glasses are Warby Parker (ordered some new frames that I'll be debuting very soon!)

For makeup, I'm wearing Exhibit A blush by NARS.  It's a super-pigmented red blush, that I love.  Check out its dopeness (and how red it is) here.  I'm also wearing M.A.C. eyeshadow in mulch.  I haven't worn eyeshadow for a long while, but this one is inspiring me right now.  On my lips, I'm wearing stone with a Viva Glam lipgloss over it.

I just finished this book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, by Ishmael Beah and wow.  The story is very powerful, especially considering the fact that he survived not just with his body either, but he was also able to reclaim his mind.  It is definitely a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

On that note, I'm off to work.

Today's affirmation: I embrace my light.  I allow my light to shine fully.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Socks and Pumps, Pink and Green

Happy Friday!

I scheduled this to post just as I am en route to a glamping trip upstate with colleagues and yup, you guessed it, high school students.  It's called glamping because it's pretty much a lodge with all the utilities that the last camping experience I went on didn't have.  So glamorous camping it is!  I'm sure I'll have some stories after this weekend, some to share and some to mull over during 'book clubs' with co-workers.

As you all know, I love a good socks and pumps combination.  This one came about so randomly and I almost hesitated to go along with it, but then with each step I took out the door  towards work, I felt even more right about this bold choice I was making.  But by the time I got to the subway, I was over it, and was just another person doing and wearing whatever they want in this great metropolis of New York City.

Here's what I wore:

From the side, it looks pretty simple: gray sweater from J.Crew Factory, green pencil skirt with zipper detailing from J.Crew, pointelle socks that before this day I thought were peach and not pink are from ASOS, and go-to leather pumps by Frye via Zappos.  I mentioned the importance of a skilled, affordable cobbler yesterday... well, these pumps have been 'worked on' about three times in the last three year plus years I've owned them.

Yup, my ankle socks are pink!  And my polish is gray-- I love American Apparel polish by the way.  Great colors and it actually wears well.

And that is a bicycle on my sweater.  I love bikes.  Makes me think of Brooklyn and strong legs.

Not sure what this pose is about, but after a long day at work, anything goes!

Notice I kept my accessories very simple-- no earrings and just my nameplate.

Oh, and I had to get an action shot.  Here's my point of view.  And yup, I've worn this skirt before and blogged about it!

On that note, happy Friday!

Today's affirmation: In this moment, I am just the way that I am intended to be.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yes to Fall and Yes to Headwraps!

Good morning everyone!

This headscarf is the inspiration behind this outfit I wore recently.  The headscarf was gifted to me by a colleague about five years ago though I first wore it this past summer.

The colors in this pattern make me happy.  Even though I found it perfect for summer, I am also finding it even better for fall with the warm tones of purple, orange and green.

As I am on this fabulously fall kick, here's a look I styled inspired by this headwrap:

The dress is from H&M a few seasons ago, the chunky sweater is from J.Crew, the tights that are dark gray but sometimes look dark green are by Hue, the ankle boots are Frye via Zappos and the suede leopard bag is by J.Crew.

The lighting from thing angle wasn't that great, but I loved the view of these beautiful plants that now decorate the halls.

The colors made me feel all warm and fall-y.

Both of these bangles were gifted to me by my friend ten years ago.  They were both her grandmother's.  <3

Let's take a moment and acknowledge one of my favorite fall lipsticks: magnetism by Sephora.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I don't usually go for metallic-type colors, but I'm glad I tried this one because I loved it upon first wear.

I'm also wearing one of my favorite, simple necklaces from J.Crew Factory.  It features my spirit animal, the giraffe of course!

Oh and I was reading this book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, at the time and it was so, so good!  While reading it during my subway commutes, several children commented on how good it was.  

 Until next time!

Today's affirmation: I love myself just the way that I am.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greens and Blues from Top to Bottom

Good morning everyone,

I was very excited about these ankle-length pants to start, and then even more so after figuring out a way to wear them throughout the impending winter.  Ankle-length pants + thoughtful socks + booties = fall and winter appropriate.  Even though it's technically fall, several days have felt like straight-up winter days.

Here's a snapshot I took of my pants and boots en route to work.  I just picked up my boots the day before from their first trip to the cobbler's.  I am grateful that a reasonably priced, skilled cobbler is housed a minute away from my apartment.  New York City pavements eat shoes for breakfast, so a shoe person is essential.

 I snapped these after an afternoon meeting on my way back to my office to pack up for the day.  I'm finding those sometimes random moments to enlist the help of folk at work so that I can keep my blog updated.  Things change, the spirit remains the same.

The sweatshirt (still on sale!), pants (also still sale!) and houndstooth socks are J.Crew, the button-down shirt is from Old Navy, the necklace is J.Crew Factory and the boots are Frye.

A close up of my mix of African bracelets.  I really enjoyed the colors against the overall colors in this look.  (On super busy days, I walk around with my clipboard plush my Macbook... and a water bottle.  The water bottle was strategically left out of the impromptu shoot.)

Trying to switch up my poses a bit, though I will admit, I'm most interested in the style aspects.  I really enjoyed the mix of greens and blues.  I love pairing colors in new ways.  Just like I told that one persistent (always with the same question!) student years ago: I don't match;  I go. 

These boots with their rejuvenated heel allow me to walk properly.  Score!

Better lighting.  I love a good print, especially houndstooth, always as much as I look playing with colors.

Selfie was I was leaving school for the day.  This necklace is from H&M.  Most of the strap isn't visible, but it's a bright blue twisted rope instead of a typical chain.  My accessories-- Warby Parker glasses from a few years ago, 'fever' blush by M.A.C. and Viva Glam lipgloss, also by M.A.C.  Yup, makeup is definitely an accessory, at least how I wear it.

Until next time...

Today's affirmation: Today, I let my light shine. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fabulous Fall: A Cropped Sweater at Work

Good morning everyone!

Here's an outfit I wore and enjoyed lately:

Cropped sweater with built-in statement necklace from H&M, midi a-line skirt from ASOS, leather boots by Matisse, scarf from Calabar Imports years ago, bangles were gifts-- one ten plus years ago and the other more recently.A C

I really enjoyed the fall colors together, with the pop of vibrant colors in the bangle.  

This cropped sweater is super versatile.  I can layer it over a button up shirt, wear it with high-waist jeans for a casual date, or with a high-waist skirt such as this one for work.  Plus the attached statement necklace of sorts takes it to the next level.

I'm wearing one of my go-to fall lipsticks, a deep plum by Sephora, and redish blush.  I love the mix of those colors together.  

Faux pearl earrings from Express.  In this case, I'm wearing them as a color, a neutral one, but a color nonetheless.

I love how my wardrobe-- clothing, shoes, accessories, even nail polish colors-- is like a giant crayon box.  I can mix and match and find new combinations with ease.  The mix of colors in this bangle represents at least 1, 2, 3 or more pieces of clothing that I have in my closet.  I truly live color.

Until next time,

Today's affirmation: I'm awake. I'm alive. Thank you Universe for another 24 hours to be myself.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Embodying Fall

Peace to all,

My colleague's statement summed up this look perfectly: "You look like fall!"  I totally agreed, and I enthusiastically let her know that.

Here's what I wore:

Sweater from H&M, corduroy pants are Gap 1969, brown leather boots are Matisse via DSW, and the tweed blazer is from Target.  Plus my go-to leather backpack from Madewell.

I love the mix of a neon red-orange over a burgundy-that-sometimes-looks-like-a-dark plum, but with the brown boots, I was feeling very deep-in-the middle-of-winter-ish.  So that's where my collar necklace came in and the true highlight of this look, my bright purple lipstick.  The blazer added a nice touch of this is most certainly fall to the look.

I absolutely love, love this lipstick.  Seriously, I am on my third tube of Heroine by M.A.C.  This collar necklace was handmade by my favorite local designer, A Jypsy's Junk . I almost forgot about this broach-- it's a front with rhinestone eyes from J.Crew.  I love throwing it on random blazers and sweaters that can withstand the pinhole.  A fun, funky touch.

As for the glasses, they are Warby Parker.  I just got my latest home try-on kit, so look for a new post and a new pair of glasses or two very soon!

A close up of the melody of colors and textures, plus this bangle that was my Argentine friend's grandmother's.  I've had it for ten plus years, but my guess is that it's from the 1960s?

Something I continue to learn in life is that everything is cyclical.  Things come and go.  I once wore large bangles only, and then I stopped for years, but kept my favorites.  And now, I'm digging into them again.  Similarly,  I'm in the midst of a severe growth period, emotionally and spiritually.  In my early 20s, I experienced something similar that I thought was it by the time I was through.  Ha!  Life is about ups and downs and experiences that help us grow and ideally be the best we can be.

I digress.  Below are some snapshots from a happy,happy hour at The Winslow in Gramercy.

Bees Knees cocktail complete with bee pollen and honey.  Must be healthful!

The best fries I've had in a long time, served with an aioli sauce so good that we requested a second serving of it, and pretty-good wings in two flavors-- Thai and Buffalo.

Check out my Instagram for more snapshots of tasty eats, as well as other lifestyle bits, and my Yelp page for reviews.

Until next time,

Today's affirmation: I am exactly where I need to be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colorful in Pants

Hey everyone!

As many of you know already, I love, love color.  Here's yet another colorful look that I wore recently.  No two colors were repeated, except for when I layered a cropped sweatshirt on top in lieu of a jacket.  I'm seriously struggling out here without my denim jacket!  These photos were hastily taken, but I really enjoyed my outfit, so here goes:

My feet were cut off, my bad!

But my necklace is captured in all its-kinda-heavy-still-fabulous glory!  Yet another reason to smile.

This is no ordinary tee either.  It has a mix of textures-- I love a good tee with a subtle level of interest almost as much as I love a crop sweatshirt.

Now for the details: Top is J.Crew, pants are Gap, necklace is from Bauble Bar, pumps are Frye.

I'm wearing my favorite fall lipstick, a deep purple by Sephora; fever blush by M.A.C. and my polish is my current favorite brand-- American Apparel.  So random, but those polishes wear well!

Oh, and here's a selfie with the gray sweatshirt I mentioned earlier.  My office is super cold, but thank goodness for this soft, comfy, versatile piece.

Until next time,

Today's affirmation is one that I say often, and was given to me (well, a group of us) by Deepak Chopra: I am independent of people's good and bad opinions of me.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Brooklyn Lemonade and Fall Fashion

Happy Monday everyone!

Fall has finally fallen, and between sporadic burst of steamy weather and chilly days, I'm embracing my chunky sweaters and funky boots.

Here's what a wore on a busy Sunday-- seriously, I went from working the high school fair where many parents assumed I was a student, until I addressed them with my teacher-persona, to enjoying tasty eats and drink with chill folk at the Atlantic Antic Festival.  Something that I am thoroughly embracing in my tenth year as an educator and at age 30, is just being myself, even if that means consciously wearing a weekend outfit that would likely be misconstrued.  Time is too precious to worry about other people's perceptions.

Here's what I wore:

I am happily continuing to rock this skater dress from ASOS from spring to summer and now into fall.  This dress is my best purchase from ASOS thus far, both in cost, durability and versatility (also featured in this summer post).

The chunky cardigan sweater is from J.Crew a few seasons ago.  I got it for a steal, and at first I didn't get much wear out of it because it's kinda big and doesn't have any buttons or closure options, save for fingers clutching it closed.  At first I didn't know what to do with a huge sweater that doesn't button, but I've since figured it out.  Plus it's perfect for fall, especially since I left my beloved denim jacket at a party and when I inquired about it, the host said it wasn't where I'd left it.  Ah well, there will be a new denim jacket in my closet very soon.

The socks are by Free People, though where they were purchase at Century 21.  Seriously, that day I went into Century 21 on my lunch break, and came out with about six pairs of socks, two over-the-knee pairs by Free People and several other high socks.  I really, really like socks.

The boots are a new purchase from DSW, and are by a Brazilian shoe company called Matisse.  (You can find them here, also in black.)

With my good friends, Ade and Ade of Brooklyn Lemonade, and their tasty, refreshing ginger lemonade.

The tasty, juicy, huge turkey leg that I enjoyed, and had enough to enjoy for dinner and share with my pup, Almond.  Happy days!

Random boots and socks selfie while waiting for the train.

Oh, and I caught a natural hair show that was so much fun.  This model totally stole the show and I could only attempt to capture her essence.

Check out the host's purple yarn braids.  I live!

Until next time,
<3 M

Today's affirmation, one that I say everyone morning upon waking: I'm awake; I'm alive; Thank you, Universe, for another 24 hours to be myself.

Shades of Blue and Some Affirmations on the Wall

Hey everyone,

Here are some snapshots of an outfit I wore to work recently.  I love colorblocking with colors in the same family.  Here I'm wearing a bright blue blouse over a navy skirt and a similarly colored necklace on top.

A blouse tucked into a high waist skirt is always easy, and it's definitely one of my go-to looks as long as the waist of the skirt fits properly.  Curvy girl challenges!

Blouse and statement necklace are from J.Crew Factory, skirt is from ASOS, pumps by Fyre and purse is Coach.

I really enjoyed this necklace against this top.  I've worn each many times before, but never together.  Love, love!

I make many faces through out the day, even when I think I'm not.  Ha!  Some of my students let me know, and I just laugh it off, because this is actually me toning down my face-making tendencies.

This year, I'm taking the affirmation wall to a new level. Thanks to a generous colleague, a few affirmations are framed and already on the wall.  Yes, one is crooked and as I told the student who framed all the print outs, that is just the way it needs to be.

Until next time,