Monday, October 20, 2014

Balancing Out the Drama of a Pencil Skirt

Happy Monday!

Here are some photos of an outfit I wore to brunch and run errands with a friend.  I am LOVING this patterned pencil skirt from American Apparel.  It is super flattering and versatile.  Dress it up or down.  Here I balanced out the drama of a high waist pencil skirt on a curvy body, with an untucked sweater, and styled it playfully with knee highs and wedge sneakers.

I haven't bought any new shoes in a while, though I do have my eye on those silver-grey sneakers I mentioned in my back to school post a while back.  I am practicing reaching into my closet and styling old favorites in new ways.

My classic side-profile.  I've been doing 100 body-weight squats most mornings and I see results!

I've had this bag for what feels like forever, about eight plus years, and it's still go-to.  A bag that goes with everything, that is also interesting in pattern and design.   

Fresh-faced with just a touch of gloss, and rocking some serious arm candy here.  My bracelets are a mix of finds from Congo, market-buys from Soho and a Maasai bracelet from my time in Kenya.

Until next time,

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