Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Few Days in San Miguel de Allende

From Mexico City we took a four-hour bus ride to the little town of San Miguel de Allende. Upon arrival, our AirBnB host took us for an impromptu tour.  It was a Friday, and apparently San Miguel is lively on the weekend with a lot of Mexican tourists from Mexico City and other parts, so of course there was a parade. 


Dancing lady!

Hmm diablo? 

I believe the different groups of parade participants represented various Mexican states. 

Each group had a different costume, some of which I assume is tradition dress or a take on it. 

I really enjoyed this group. According to our host, their dance is a very common one. 

The guy in the pink backpack was giving the parade performers water. 

From there, we walked up hill to the Jardin, main square of San Miguel. Turns out the Guanajuato International Film Festival was taking place that weekend, so there was a red carpet laid out and some popular Mexican stars attending the premiere. There were also traditional dance performances and lots of vendors selling treats. Eventually we stopped at a little bar with locals for some drinks.  San Miguel is quite touristy in the sense there are overpriced bars and restaurants with mainly Westerners. No thanks. 

The best michelada I had in Mexico! The spicy rub on the rim was so, so delicious!

We sent our days walking the square and the blocks found it. Catching free film viewings, mainly documentaries, people-watching, catching performances in the Jardin and eating at our favorite taco-stand. We learned day one, that the "best restaurant in town" is the taco stand by the yellow building that sets up every night around 8 pm. We ate so many delicious tacos there!

The streets are so narrow, it's customary when walking on the side without parked cards, for the woman to walk on the sidewalk, while the man walks in the street beside her.  


We stopped at Don Taco Tequila for lunch.  I highly recommend this place.  Aside from the taco stand, second best place we ate in San Miguel.  The prices are reasonable, the food is good and the atmosphere is nice.  

Al pastor taco and steak taco 

Out of the four places we stayed, San Miguel is number four: nice, insular and easy to see in one day instead of four. I do think it is a good place for families to travel to, as it is very safe with just enough excitement. 


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