Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Projecting Pretty (In Attitude and Dress)

Girl About Town lipstick by M.A.C. and J.Crew light pink stud earrings.
A co-worker called me on my attitude a few weeks ago, and I am all the better for it.  I was going through a frustration spell, where the patience I'm generally known for had completely dissolved. The children were being themselves, comfortable middle schoolers who want to talk and play as much as allowed. And I, I was being short and snippy.  There was a moment where my usual self was attempting to break through by means of a teaching moment.  A student was being rude, and when I broke down what was happening, I used the word "unpleasant."  That was when my colleague who was close by to overhear the interaction told me that the way I've been lately was also unpleasant.

In that moment, all I could say was "thank you" and mean it.  That was the part of me that knew what was said to be the truth and was willing accept it.  I had to humble myself and listen because how I had been presenting myself really wasn't who I am as an educator, nor who I am as a person.

Of course,there is a reason behind most things.  My work environment has been crazy this year, and I was starting to take on some qualities as means of survival that were unpleasant.  In the time since this interaction, I've reflected on what I want in a workplace and in a school community, and realized that my current placement was not it.  I did the best I could there; but a poor fit cannot be made right just like an ill-fitting shoe will never work without pain, corns, blisters and other unpleasantness.

As I wrap up my eighth year of teaching, it's more important to me than ever that I can be myself at work and be successful.  More about that later.  Here's what I wore on a sunny day in June.

H&M dress, sandals from DSW

What I love about this dress is that it's a zip up.  I realize that when I shop for clothing, I shop according to cut and shape.  Everything is is secondary.  In this case, I picked up this dress because I knew it would be very flattering on my figure.  The high neck is appropriate for work, but the fitted bodice compliments while the flare skirt accommodates.  I can wear this dress comfortably on my bike, as I did on this day.

party on my arm!  Fossil watch and assorting bracelets

With three more days of work, I realize that I didn't even get to have a proper countdown.  And that is exactly how I prefer a school year to end.

Miss M

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