Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eating & Styling in Ciudad de México

Here's what I wore (& ate) during my four nights in Mexico City, first stop during two week trip. Mexico City is a little chilly at times right now, so scarves and layers are a must!

Caught the metro to El Zolaco. 
Floral scarf from Marshall's, cropped tee from Asos, target cloth pencil skirt, Fossil watch, coach purse. 

Tacos Al Pastor!!!!

Pyramided in Teotihuacan. 
Target colorblock dress, J.Crew braided belt, D&G sunglasses, scarf from downtown Mercado. (Removed: blue cardigan & boyfriend's denim button down)

Late-night eat at food truck by park. Kabob and fries!

My partner in crime.  Instead of chips, more authentic places give cucumber slices. I dig. 

On the way to our spot, La Clandestine for Mezcal & comidas. 
Striped Old Navy skirt, Boyfriend's sweatshirt, scarf from vendor in El Zolaco. (Under sweatshirt-turned jacket, striped sleeveless thrift  sweater & navy Jackie cardigan)

Pepitas, or pumpkin seeds; chilli-rubbed orange slices; and Indio at La Clandestine in Roma. 

Outside Frida Kahol's house in Target dress. 

Baked potato topped with shrimp, cheese, mushrooms, delicious sauces and fried cheese. My word!

Yup, Mexico City was awesome! Will be back. 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

J.Crew & Factory FInds

I scored some great deals during J.Crew's summer sale, both at store and online.

A girl can never have too many sturdy and cute flats.  I bought each for just under $25.  Perfect!

Not pictured though also purchased: two-tone coin purse in turquoise and tan, black Havana clutch and two pairs of bright colored trouser socks.  Together with the extra 40% off and my 15% teacher/student discount, I go an excellent deal.

I also shopped J.Crew Factory's summer sale.  I am especially excited about these rainy day flats.  Great color and fun for rainy work days and just because.

I'm loving this green and navy combination.  I will be traveling with this sweater, but I know it'll also become a work favorite.

I am extra excited about this necklace.  I look forward to layering it with other gaudy pieces or simple necklaces.  I like that J.Crew Factory jewelry is more affordable with on double sale, as opposed to J.Crew jewelry that is simply overpriced.

Also purchased but not pictured: neon orange large studs, giraffe necklace, & yellow Cora dress that fits beautifully!

More to come.
Miss M

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Striped Dress

Here's my pup and I before a walk.  I got this dress at Target.  The material is sturdy and kinda warm, perfect for Mexico City right now.  I cut off the belt loops and repurposed the belt it came with.  Great cut.  I could totally get away with wearing this to work on a casual day.

go-to purple purse by Coach, Target dress, Crocs, and my pup.

Almond sniffing his favorite plant, ivy.

Patterned & Colorful

Here's what I wore to the Cherry Hill mall with my mom and sisters.  I was determined to wear my new scarf, and my purple bag is my summer go-to, so off I went!

floral scarf and striped dress from Ross, Croc jellies

my gel mani

neon against purple, yes!


my little sister is very much into bows,  hence inspiring my scarf tied into a bow at the front.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Morado Summer

Purple is definitely my color this summer.  I'm loving my Heroine by M.A.C. lipstick and my canteen bag in Legacy collection by Coach.  I will be packing both in my suitcase for my Mexico vacation in three days.

D&G sunglasses, hoops from TopShop, denim dress from Target, Fossil watch, Betsy Johnson charm bracelet,  Croc jellies.

Forever 21 rose ring and little sister's ring. 

loving these Forever 21 necklaces!
my summer do: braid locs to the side, tie two locs together, tuck and go.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

J.Crew Summer Sale

J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are having a sale. I am in trouble! Online shopping here I come. For some reason I find myself shopping for next school year already. Second semester of graduate school for my  second masters plus the mass exodus from my school equals a lot of work and responsibly. One way I tackle a challenge is with a great out fit. 

Extra 40% off final sale at J.Crew

Extra 40% off final sale items at J.Crew Factory store.

Enter the codes mentioned and shop away! I'll likely be added a cardigan or two to my wardrobe, as well as a work dress and pointy flats.

Miss M

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


One of the ways I boost my teacher overall health is by juicing. I bought a juicer about three months ago, and I am loving it!  During the school year, I would juice each morning before work.  My routine was wake up, let the dog out, juice, drink the juice as I cleaned the juicer take a shower and start my day. During those mornings I stopped drinking coffee because the juice was so energizing and I truly didn't want anything else.  Now that it's summer vacation, I juice a few times a week, sometimes during the week and sometimes on the weekend, it's all the same now that I have no commitments. Each Saturday I buy fresh produce at the farmer's market after my run to the park with my dog and use what I buy to juice during the week.  

My favorites are spinach as a base, cucumber as a base, kale, celery, beets and beet leaves, apples for sweetness, and a piece of ginger. 

This week I forgot to buy apples at the farmers market. I truly find the best deal there-- a whole bag of organic apples for three dollars!-- so I went without.  

L-R: kale, beet leaves, cucumber, mustard greens 

There was no spinach-- I usually buy a huge bag for three dollars-- so I bought mustard greens instead. 

My juicer hard at work. A friend recommended the Breville Juice Fountain Compact to me and I love it!  It juices greens very well, something I read that not all juicers do.

The result. Some for me and the rest for my love. He gets up a little than than me, so I put his in a tightly-sealed glass jar in the fridge. Apparently fresh juice does not last long and one needs to be careful. 

This might sound strange but one thing I will miss in my travels is my juicer. I feel great when I juice and I can sometimes see the difference in my belly.

More to come.
Miss M

Getting Work off My Screen

I just realized that my iPad lock screen still has my work schedule on it. Absolutely not!  Now instead of looking at crazy, color-coded schedule each time I unlock my iPad to read for pleasure or do some online shopping, I look at a wonderfully, hazy photo of myself, my pup and my boyfriend on the beautiful Roaring Brook Lake. That way I am reminded of past vacations, love and what's to come. 

Old lock screen

New lock screen

Ah, much better!  

Miss M