Tuesday, July 9, 2013


One of the ways I boost my teacher overall health is by juicing. I bought a juicer about three months ago, and I am loving it!  During the school year, I would juice each morning before work.  My routine was wake up, let the dog out, juice, drink the juice as I cleaned the juicer take a shower and start my day. During those mornings I stopped drinking coffee because the juice was so energizing and I truly didn't want anything else.  Now that it's summer vacation, I juice a few times a week, sometimes during the week and sometimes on the weekend, it's all the same now that I have no commitments. Each Saturday I buy fresh produce at the farmer's market after my run to the park with my dog and use what I buy to juice during the week.  

My favorites are spinach as a base, cucumber as a base, kale, celery, beets and beet leaves, apples for sweetness, and a piece of ginger. 

This week I forgot to buy apples at the farmers market. I truly find the best deal there-- a whole bag of organic apples for three dollars!-- so I went without.  

L-R: kale, beet leaves, cucumber, mustard greens 

There was no spinach-- I usually buy a huge bag for three dollars-- so I bought mustard greens instead. 

My juicer hard at work. A friend recommended the Breville Juice Fountain Compact to me and I love it!  It juices greens very well, something I read that not all juicers do.

The result. Some for me and the rest for my love. He gets up a little than than me, so I put his in a tightly-sealed glass jar in the fridge. Apparently fresh juice does not last long and one needs to be careful. 

This might sound strange but one thing I will miss in my travels is my juicer. I feel great when I juice and I can sometimes see the difference in my belly.

More to come.
Miss M

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