Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eating & Styling in Ciudad de México

Here's what I wore (& ate) during my four nights in Mexico City, first stop during two week trip. Mexico City is a little chilly at times right now, so scarves and layers are a must!

Caught the metro to El Zolaco. 
Floral scarf from Marshall's, cropped tee from Asos, target cloth pencil skirt, Fossil watch, coach purse. 

Tacos Al Pastor!!!!

Pyramided in Teotihuacan. 
Target colorblock dress, J.Crew braided belt, D&G sunglasses, scarf from downtown Mercado. (Removed: blue cardigan & boyfriend's denim button down)

Late-night eat at food truck by park. Kabob and fries!

My partner in crime.  Instead of chips, more authentic places give cucumber slices. I dig. 

On the way to our spot, La Clandestine for Mezcal & comidas. 
Striped Old Navy skirt, Boyfriend's sweatshirt, scarf from vendor in El Zolaco. (Under sweatshirt-turned jacket, striped sleeveless thrift  sweater & navy Jackie cardigan)

Pepitas, or pumpkin seeds; chilli-rubbed orange slices; and Indio at La Clandestine in Roma. 

Outside Frida Kahol's house in Target dress. 

Baked potato topped with shrimp, cheese, mushrooms, delicious sauces and fried cheese. My word!

Yup, Mexico City was awesome! Will be back. 


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