Monday, December 31, 2012

Miss M on a Day Off

Along with all the other NYC teachers, I've been off since last Friday for the holidays.  Perfect time to start this new section, called Weekend Teacher.  Here's what I wore on my way to the movies for a morning screening of Les Miserables.  I had intended to see Lincoln, but that didn't work out.  All in time, though.

my pup trying to get in the shot...

loving this color combo. olive colored, J.Crew pants with hot pink Swedish Hasbeens and mint colored sweater from Target

nothing like a mix of textures and a pop of gold

my trusty J.Crew puffer coat, perfect on a cold New York day

my go-to bag by Louis Vuitton

and this is how I protect my ears from the fierce winds...

a smile from a teacher off from work

Miss M

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

A co-worker gave me a card with the best attachment ever! How innovative and thoughtful!

After this morning, I look forward to enjoying this tiny bottle later.

I like to give out cards that show my personality with a little candy cane attached. This year I got my cards from the Target dollar section. The cards are black with neon pink, green and blue Pine trees. Twenty cards for $1. Doesn't cost too much to spread some joy.

Miss M

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Do Students Learn Transference?

I once covered a sixth grade class while I was a self-contained 7th and 8th grade teacher. And my!  Thankfully I bought my own work because there was none. Even so, it was intense! In the span of forty-five minutes, I shed a layer because I was hot, gained a headache, kicked a disrespectful girl out of class and was hit with an accident. Whew!

Fast forward to this school year where I am an ICT sixth grade teacher.  I recently taught my sixth graders by myself, all day long!  They missed my co-teacher, I missed her and on we went.

I realize all children need consistency.  I used to especially notice when my 12:1:1 kids were off because one of their teachers was out or the class paraprofessional was absent. It was like the class just could not function at times. I would always be amazed to hear the reports of disrespect from the classroom para when I was out. Considering they usually respected her, to hear the other extreme was baffling.

I now realize the same goes for my largely general education sixth graders-- they also struggle with transference when one of their teachers is out. I wonder, though, when does it transfer? When do children, or students, learn how to apply what they know regardless of the situation and who is or isn't there? I know middle school isn't it, so I'll have to talk to some high school teachers and find out if that changes.

Miss M

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leopard and Boots

an easy dress, with a flattering cut
I love a pop on color against print.

my trusty Ninewest boots

A Sticker Situation

The literacy coach was visiting the other day and she started a sticker craze in sixth grade ELA.  She placed a sticker on my cardigan, and later my co-teacher and I did the same to the children-- except we placed stickers on sleeves, notebooks, whatever we could reach-- and they went crazy!  They love stickers.  I also happen to love stickers, so I have since pulled out my entire sticker collection.  Yes, I do have a sticker collection.  Stickers are awesome.

I have little stickers, big stickers, flat stickers, raised stickers, hologram stickers, scented stickers and even heart-shaped perfume stickers that came in the Viva La Juicy perfume I treated myself to at the start of the school year.  I'm really good at scavenging things to re-purpose as student rewards.

Ever since that day, the sticker situation has evolved into stickers during the entry slip, or do now, and a super sticker for the star entry slip. My co-teacher and I will scan the entry slips as the students write, and place an awesome ant sticker or a tiny smiley face on notebook pages to acknowledge on task behavior. After four minutes are up, we acknowledge the best entry slip by shouting out that student as his class class gives props by clapping or snapping fingers.  That student reads his work and chooses a super sticker-- usually one of the larger stickers with an animal on it or brightly colored apple.

The sixth grade is eating up the sticker situation. And I love it.

Until next time.
Miss M

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Sticker and a Brooch!

My students seemed to like this outfit.  They like when I wear sneakers.

I enjoyed the light blue against mustard color combo.

My students enjoyed my frog brooch (sale bin at J.Crew) and yes, my sticker says "wow." Thanks ELA coach!