Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Moment of Clarity: I'm Taking the Summer Off

I had a moment of clarity Thursday morning as I stood over my classroom computer printing out a graduate school template before my morning program began at 7:30 AM. Nope. I am not working this summer.

I've always been the teacher to not work summer school, nor was I about to begin this summer.  But I did hear about a special education program in Queens, a twelve month school for students recently released from psychiatric institutions, that needs special education teachers for the summer and pays very well. I guess their teachers also take the summers off.  However, between teaching 6th grade ELA, SETSS, morning school and Saturday Academy plus graduate school, I am beat.  Thankfully NYC public school teachers are salaried, so I don't have to work.

This summer, I will chill. Chill and read young adult books now that my students are above level and voracious readers.  I will likely read those books and more on my stoop, at the park, on the beach and on the plane as I travel the world.  So far I have one trip confirmed-- Mexico City in July-- and another trip in the works.

This traveling teacher is thoroughly looking forward to summer.

Miss M

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