Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Praise in the Face of Subtle Arrogance

Today my co-teacher and I got praise! praise! praise! from our principal during our ELA Meeting. It always feels good to get positive feedback, but to get some in front of a colleague who is forever tooting her horn and counting her similar-in-time-to-mine years as an educator, it felt especially good.

Yes, it is extremely challenging to be a new teacher. However, a new teacher can become an excellent teacher, even as soon as year two. Likewise, my seven years in the system does not make me a veteran nor does it make me automatically a great teacher.

Perhaps it's my humility, which I continue to be oh-so grateful for, or perhaps it's my understanding that to be a teacher is to have embarked on a career-long journey of learning. There is always a way to improve our teaching practice as we strive to educate others. There is always room for growth.

Miss M

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