Friday, August 8, 2014

Yelp Elite!

Here are some photos I took during a Yelp event at the Long Island City waterfront.  Beautiful views, tasty eats, and plenty of wine, just what I've come to expect of Yelp Elite events in my four years attending.

Brooklyn to Queens can be a trek, so here's what I threw on in my haste to get dressed and be photo ready.
gray tee from Forever21, white flower embossed pencil skirt from ASOS, Louis Vuitton purse

Neutral color palate with pieces that fit well with pops of color go a long way.  I love this crop tee because it's fitted, not too tight and long enough.

My summer bracelets again!  Paired with my blue, beaded Masaai bangle for a pop of color.

I am loving my Warby Parker frames.  They make me super excited to wear glasses even in the summer.  Here I am with my summer face-- au naturale with a hit of gloss.

Until next time,


  1. I love this pairing girl, midi skirt and crop tops are so chic and the neutral palette is perfect.

  2. Thank you! I continue to learn the beauty of the neutral palette! Thanks for reading:)