Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Sweatshirt Dress Revisited

Oh blog, how I've missed thee!  It's fitting that I return to my blog with an outfit post showcasing one of my favorite chill dresses, a sweatshirt dress of course.  This school year is now moving quickly, and in one week I'll be done with my graduate school requirements.  Whew!  

What a year!  From relationship and spatial transitions, to getting acclimated to a new school and finishing up grad school the second time around, a lot has transpired in the past month even.  I am very much so looking forward to summer, though not in the same-counting-the-days, don't-know-if-I-can make it sense of years prior.  

I feel like I've been saying this for a long while now, but I am truly working towards life balance.  Home life, social life (this includes dating), work life and personal life (this includes my novel-- it's happening, folks!).  

So here's an outfit I wore to work and felt completely at ease in.  I'm just being me, and most mornings I wake up as I did today, I thank the Universe for giving me another twenty-four hours to be myself.  

Sweatshirt dress and infinity scarf from J.Crew

 These are my favorite houndstooth tights by Hue.  Giraffe necklace from J.Crew Factory, long necklace from hair supply store somewhere in Bedstuy, assorted bangles and rings from my collection, Frye boots.

More later.

*Photo Credits go to my awesome colleague, officemate and friend who is truly a kindred spirit.