Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Wear Short Shorts

Yesterday O and I rode our bikes across the Manhattan Bridge to Chinatown for lunch.  What a ride!  The last time I rode my bike across the bridge, I was a little traumatized by riding in rush-hour traffic heading towards Midtown.  Those taxis!  This time was different, though. We headed out late morning and were in Chinatown by noon.  The bridge was challenging as expected, but not as bad as I remembered.  Perhaps my legs are stronger.

Here's what I wore:

crochet crop top from Express, print shorts from Target, black leather sandals by Mariella (a find at Marshall's!), Louis Vuitton purse, Heroine lipstick by M.A.C
After lunch we rode to Soho for some shopping and snapshots.

I spotted these shorts while shopping with my mom in Target.  I almost bought them a size smaller, as to avoid making any alterations.  While the smaller size fit, the fit was something that would relegate these shorts to beach wear and not walking around the city comfortably.  My mom insisted on me sizing up and helped me realize what a simple alteration it would be-- due to the print and pockets, all I had to do was take an inch or so in from each size following the pocket line.  Perfect!  As I continue to grow and hone my style, I realize the importance of a great fit.  Even when it requires some work.

 The key to wearing short shorts when you have a curvy figure is wearing them a little loose.  I also prefer the high-waist as well, for a sophisticated touch.

As for lunch, we ended up at H K Wonton Garden.  It seemed a little counterintuitive to have soup after riding across the bridge in summer heat, but the beef tendon and shrimp wonton soup I had hit the spot!

Until next time,

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lace Shorts

Summer is in full-swing and I am deep into summer mode.  Hence, my neglecting my blog being behind a few posts; but, something teaching has taught me is: it is never too late!  Just do it, learn that thing or make it right.

Here's an outfit I wore to meet a friend for Happy Hour at the Mermaid Inn:

Express shirt, H&M shorts, Coach clutch
When wearing shorts during the day, I like to balance them out with a loose-fitting shirt at least, and sometimes flats too.  I've already worn these crochet/lace shorts twice and they are so much fun!

 Party on my arm!  I am definitely enjoying accessories this summer.  These bracelets, especially the brown ones, are on repeat this summer.  I got them from a street vendor in Soho.  The blue bracelet is a Maasai bracelet that I bought at a market when studying in Kenya nearly ten years ago (travel stories coming soon!)  The ring is a favorite.  I got it from La Monica's pop-up accessories party in Brooklyn. 

So Chuad Lipstick by M.A.C.
Mermaid Bar was so much fun!  I will definitely be back.  Here's a snapshot of what I enjoyed:

Until next time!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

trip to the MET

It is two weeks in and I am well into my summer routine.  In addition to the usual exercise, hanging out with friends/family and solidifying travel plans, I also read for pleasure and practice my Spanish daily. 

Here is a simple outfit I wore on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum:

J.Crew tee with sheer bottom panel and sheer back; American Apparel easy jean in light, brown lace up sandals; assorted neon arm candy from J.Crew Factory (links here and here); and go-to Louis Vuitton bag.
Next to the Natural History Museum, the MET is my favorite museum. Perfect place for a date, to take visitors as well as students. While there, I caught an awesome exhibit, Charles James: Beyond Fashion

O and I inside the exhibit.
This quote really spoke to me: "We who have been ahead in STYLE have usually been also ahead in our thinking." Yes!

My favorite dress in the exhibit.  Very detailed.  Not pictured, but there were these videos further detailing the skeletal make up of each dress.  Extremely intricate.  Some of these dresses were worn, but I imagine not all of them wearable.

I finally made it to the MET's rooftop. Spatacular views, but overpriced drinks and little seating.

I snapped this shot of O, my love and often photographer, from inside the current art installment.  He was trying to take my photo, but it wasn't as clear from one side.  Pretty neat. (read about it here.)

Of course we stopped by one of our favorite places to eat for fuel, Shake Shake.  And it hit the spot as it does each and every time.

Happy Summer!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Flowers and Stripes

It took me a little over a week, but I am finally starting to function again.  What I'm realizing now that I have eight years of teaching middle school under my belt, that it does get easier.  In the past it has taken me weeks to decompress from the school year.  I seriously just would not function, and I would have nightmares from the year.  This time around, I slept in, watched three seasons of the Borgias, caught up with friends and even started up an exercise routine.  Yup, it gets easier.  

Here's what I wore to a fourth of July potluck.

cropped top from Marshall's, Express striped pencil skirt, leather platforms from DSW, Coach clutch
What I like about this outfit is that it's easy and flattering.  The cloth skirt is comfortable.  It actually fits a little loose, but is form-fitting and sits high on the waist.

I chose to soften this look with warm accents, such as brown leather platforms and bangles.  I considering wearing black wedges, but matching too much can be a bit boring.  Adding brown leather pieces makes me feel a little more casual, not not too much.

I love mixing patterns!  This is one of my safer mixes, but fun nonetheless.  When in doubt, make there is a common, dominant color in both pieces, just like the black in this outfit.

assorted midi rings from Forever 21 and Nordstrom, bangles from a street-vendor in SoHo


My look of the summer consists of a bold lip, such as this orangey red from M.A.C. called So Chaud, and braided locs.

black and gold heart studs from Forever 21

Happy July!

Goodbyes and Letting Goes

I was digging through my keepsakes recently, and I came across a large, poster-size, good luck card that students and teachers at my first school made for me.  It was basically done yearbook style with each person writing a message to me before signing it.  Sigh.  A big part of teaching is saying goodbye and letting go.  Sometimes a student moves away midyear or switches schools.  Sometimes a student graduates and leaves for their next step, and sometimes a teacher decides to make a career change of sorts.  This affects not only the students, but also the colleagues.

It has been a while since I last reflected on the nature of a teacher's constant goodbyes.  A big part of teaching is forming relationships, working closely with colleagues and students, all with one purpose of academic and social-emotional success.

The things that my students wrote to me on that card were so touching and important to remember.  In the darkest moments of teaching, in the battles that are sometimes faught and when it seems like hope may not really be present, I am reminded of the lasting impressions made.  While I haven't been able to personally close the achievement gap, children have learned from me and I from them.  And just like the late, great Maya Angelou said: people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

As I reflect on the final day of this school year that I truly thought would never end, I am grateful once again. I have taught; I've reflected; and I've grown. Isn't that what it's all about?  While I have decided to move on to a new teaching position, I know that my last two years teaching sixth grade-- working with colleagues, problem solving culture issues and eventually trying new things-- contributed to my growth as an educator, and most importantly as a person.  With that, I will be taking all that I've learned and continue on my professional journey in a new setting, with the acceptance that a large part of teaching is saying goodbye and letting go.

Until next time,
Miss M