Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Student I will Never Forget

Another student I will never forget...

Exhale. To start, this is the student who popped up in my dream the summer after he graduated from the eighth grade.  I literally woke up enough to push him out of my head. I had put up with him for ten long months and I was done.

This kid was, and remains, the most disrespectful child I have ever come across. What made it so terrible is that he was very smart. I've had not-as-bright students who are also very disrespectful. But when a child is bright and calculating with pointed belligerence, it can be rivaled by few.

I actually taught this kid's brother my first year, but he was different. Just as rude, but not as quick and pointed with his remarks. I met their mother and I understood.

But we, teachers are full people. In the end I had to protect my energy so that I could deal with the rest of my students.

I can only hope that he learns something new, changes his ways, and the world gives him a chance.

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