Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Pocketed-Skirt in Pink Tweed

Here's what I wore today on my Monday-that's-really-a-Wednesday.  This was the least of my J.Crew pencil skirts, prior to discovering my skilled tailor.  I started to wear flats, but then decided to fully commit to starting off my three-day week right.  And it worked.  I had a beautiful, and beautifully productive day.

Miss M 
my favorite button down, tweed pencil skirt from J.Crew (had for a while, finally got taken in), dark gray skirts also J.Crew, go-to brown leather pumps by Frye.
I LOVE the detailing on this skirt-- mix of colors & coin pocket.

my makeup-to-work-phase may be over. no time for that! shea butter moisturizer and tinted lipgloss from Victoria's Secret.

Here's the skirt in another color of "Caribbean Tweed."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am officially one of those teachers who wears red, or pink, on Valentine's Day.  It only took seven years, but I now participate in all the fun, cheesiness of being a teacher.

I wore my red skirt from Target today. My co-teacher had a deep pink top. The class paraprofessional had on red.  Another sixth grade teacher had on pink pants and a scarf with pink and red hearts. The six grade hall was festive!

There was even a boy with two heart-shaped balloons tied to his backpack, curtesy of his mother who did not want him to loose them. All who know this boy, understand.   Precious and appropriately eleven.  Thankfully, they were received well from a girl who would stand to be more courteous.

I love teaching sixth grade!

On that note, time for my date.

Miss M

Monday, February 11, 2013


Mondays are hard for most, but uniquely challening to teachers is having to come to work on a Monday and right away deal with people-- adult colleagues, children and possibly parents.  You never know what or who is waiting for you outside your classroom at 8 in the morning.  Plus, you have to teach mostly sleepy, and sometimes grumpy children.

My tactic: wear something especially teacherly, eat your breakfast, and don't resist.

For me today that looks like: my favorite mustard pencil skirt; navy high-neck blouse;  baby pink cardigan;  navy tights; and feet-friendly, bronze flats.  I actually sat down to eat my oatmeal with frozen, extra-ripe banana and cinnamon mixed in. Lastly, my affirmations for today thanks to watching Oprah's Life Class all day yesterday, revolve around acceptance and love.

I have all the grace I need for today. 

I love. 

Happy Monday to all.
Miss M

Friday, February 8, 2013

Polka Dots and Pants at Work

This outfit was a nice change of pace.  I got a lot of compliments at work.  I think some people were just happy to see me in pants.  I had fun with it though.  A mix of colors, black dots at the top and brown on the bottom.  Traditional work wear, my way. 

A teacher, possibly future administrator can still take fun, self-portraits.

my dog, once again, minding my business

polka dot sweater from Old Navy, blue oxford from Uniqlo, gray pants by Gap, brown pumps by Frye

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Student Again: Paperless in Grad School

I am offically a student again. This time around I am trying to lessen the paper load and keep as much as I can digitally. I read my articles online or in Dropbox, take notes in notepad, and only carry my iPAD to class.
The thing is, I am such a paper person. I begrudgingly made the switch from paperbacks to a Kindle due to the lure of sometimes-free books. I still receive the NYTimes Weekender on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, though I read the paper online during the week when I have time.  I enjoy the feel and look of paper. And thank goodness for my tablet because reading the paper on my basic Kindle is not the same. Fewer photos, and I've come to appreciate the interactiveness of reading online.

Yet, yesterday as I sat down to do a good two hours of reading and note taking-- ah the joys of being a graduate student who this time around is literally watching the money go from her account to the bursar's for tuition-- I initially longed for a print out and my colorful highlighters and sticky notes. I love me some school supplies!  But then I thought about paper cluttering my already not-as-neat-as-I'd like apartment that I had managed to tidy up between the gym and studying after a long day at work, and I refocused.  The last thing I need is a bulging notebook to lug around along with my change of shoes, lunch bag, water bottle and what ever else is in my tote bag.

With that said, I do have a few textbooks to read, so I will be getting some colorful bold ink pens and sticky notes with lines on them. But I will continue to type notes because I certainly will not lug any books uptown from Brooklyn along with my work gear. Unless it's Waging Peace in Our Schools which I started last night and have decided would make for good subway reading.

And since my professor gave the option of downloading our handouts instead of printing them, I will be doing that as well.

I'm excited to be in school again, and as I alluded before since I am paying out of pocket this time around, I want to fully commit to being a student despite my busy schedule. We'll see how that goes.

Miss M

Pinks and Blues

chambray button down from Old Navy, cord pencil skirt from J.Crew, navy tights by Hue, deep pink jodhpur boots are Swedish Hasbeens

I like that my bright, but light pink polish looks nude-ish

love, love the pink against navy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TL: Sometimes Students Say it Best

I love when a student says something to another that a teacher only wishes she could say without ramifications.  In my small group, one of my ELLs (English Language Learners) who has completely changed his attitude towards school checked another student who is classified as learning disabled and is an emerging reader.  The former student was trying to get his work done and the latter was being disruptively loud in his off-task behavior. 

He said:  "if you don't like school, go outside then!  Don't come here no more!  Right, Miss M?"

I said with a deep and sideways nod, "that's true."  But then I added, "What _____ is saying is, school is not a place for play. When you come here, be ready to learn."

I'm learning that sometimes children say it best. The off-task kid got on task and was quiet for the rest of the period. 

Teacher Lesson: Each one, teach one, also includes students teaching checking each other. 


Miss M

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teaching Saturday School

I am working Saturday school for the first time in my teaching career.

What I wore: mint colored, v-neck sweater by J.Crew, dark skinny jeans from Levi's, hot pink Swedish Hasbeens, gold watch, no makeup.

I like that Saturday Academy at my school is no nonsense. My students saw a different side of me today. I don't get up early and return to the school building on the sixth seventh day of the week for games. Absolutely not. While I don't tolerate off-task behavior during the week, I know then that the days are long and there is a lot to accomplish. Therefore, I do have more patience for typical sixth grade antics. On Saturday, I know that it's the weekend and I'm not at the park with my pup nor am I sleeping in. Most kids got it, and were on task though not happy about coming to school on a Saturday. But nine to noon is not bad at all.

Time for homework. Graduate school the second time around started this week.

Miss M