Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am officially one of those teachers who wears red, or pink, on Valentine's Day.  It only took seven years, but I now participate in all the fun, cheesiness of being a teacher.

I wore my red skirt from Target today. My co-teacher had a deep pink top. The class paraprofessional had on red.  Another sixth grade teacher had on pink pants and a scarf with pink and red hearts. The six grade hall was festive!

There was even a boy with two heart-shaped balloons tied to his backpack, curtesy of his mother who did not want him to loose them. All who know this boy, understand.   Precious and appropriately eleven.  Thankfully, they were received well from a girl who would stand to be more courteous.

I love teaching sixth grade!

On that note, time for my date.

Miss M

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