Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TL: Sometimes Students Say it Best

I love when a student says something to another that a teacher only wishes she could say without ramifications.  In my small group, one of my ELLs (English Language Learners) who has completely changed his attitude towards school checked another student who is classified as learning disabled and is an emerging reader.  The former student was trying to get his work done and the latter was being disruptively loud in his off-task behavior. 

He said:  "if you don't like school, go outside then!  Don't come here no more!  Right, Miss M?"

I said with a deep and sideways nod, "that's true."  But then I added, "What _____ is saying is, school is not a place for play. When you come here, be ready to learn."

I'm learning that sometimes children say it best. The off-task kid got on task and was quiet for the rest of the period. 

Teacher Lesson: Each one, teach one, also includes students teaching checking each other. 


Miss M

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