Saturday, October 17, 2015

Embodying Fall

Peace to all,

My colleague's statement summed up this look perfectly: "You look like fall!"  I totally agreed, and I enthusiastically let her know that.

Here's what I wore:

Sweater from H&M, corduroy pants are Gap 1969, brown leather boots are Matisse via DSW, and the tweed blazer is from Target.  Plus my go-to leather backpack from Madewell.

I love the mix of a neon red-orange over a burgundy-that-sometimes-looks-like-a-dark plum, but with the brown boots, I was feeling very deep-in-the middle-of-winter-ish.  So that's where my collar necklace came in and the true highlight of this look, my bright purple lipstick.  The blazer added a nice touch of this is most certainly fall to the look.

I absolutely love, love this lipstick.  Seriously, I am on my third tube of Heroine by M.A.C.  This collar necklace was handmade by my favorite local designer, A Jypsy's Junk . I almost forgot about this broach-- it's a front with rhinestone eyes from J.Crew.  I love throwing it on random blazers and sweaters that can withstand the pinhole.  A fun, funky touch.

As for the glasses, they are Warby Parker.  I just got my latest home try-on kit, so look for a new post and a new pair of glasses or two very soon!

A close up of the melody of colors and textures, plus this bangle that was my Argentine friend's grandmother's.  I've had it for ten plus years, but my guess is that it's from the 1960s?

Something I continue to learn in life is that everything is cyclical.  Things come and go.  I once wore large bangles only, and then I stopped for years, but kept my favorites.  And now, I'm digging into them again.  Similarly,  I'm in the midst of a severe growth period, emotionally and spiritually.  In my early 20s, I experienced something similar that I thought was it by the time I was through.  Ha!  Life is about ups and downs and experiences that help us grow and ideally be the best we can be.

I digress.  Below are some snapshots from a happy,happy hour at The Winslow in Gramercy.

Bees Knees cocktail complete with bee pollen and honey.  Must be healthful!

The best fries I've had in a long time, served with an aioli sauce so good that we requested a second serving of it, and pretty-good wings in two flavors-- Thai and Buffalo.

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Until next time,

Today's affirmation: I am exactly where I need to be.

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