Friday, October 2, 2015

A Leather Skirt on the First Day of School

Good morning all!

A few things are unique about the start of this school year: one, it was the start of a milestone year (year 10, y'all!); two, I had just gotten back from eating my way through Korea and living it up in Japan that Sunday night, and was seriously jet-lagged by the time I reported to work Tuesday; and three, I picked out my first-day-of-school outfit pretty much that morning.  All I had the night before, was an inkling that I would style my new leather, midi skirt, the only thing I had bought before the start of this school year, and that was it.

I think it's all connected though.  In year ten, a chill that I struggle to articulate has come over me.  That's what allowed me to schedule my trip to Asia so late in the summer-- still not my preference, but it worked with my travel buddy's schedule-- and pick out an outfit just before time.  I've not only made it this far, but I've also thrived, so I'm good.

Now on to the deets: navy blue tissue t-shirt from J.Crew, fuax leather midi skirt from Forever 21, my go-to pumps by Fyre and my favorite collar necklace from Asos.

I love pairing neutral colors together; in this case, the navy against the blue, paired with the brown and topped with off-white.

Oh, and peep the ponytail; it's slightly to the side!

As for my makeup, the focus was on my lips of course.  There's nothing like a pop of color with a neutral outfit.  In this case, I layered M.A.C.'s "So Chaud" over my favorite "Ruby Woo" for an orangey red.

Here's to year ten and just being yourself in all situations.  Look for more of that theme to come, as I transition Learning Style to a lifestyle blog, finally!

love to all.

Today's affirmation: I choose to handle all my experiences with love, with ease and with joy.

Photo credits go to my awesome friend and colleague KF. 

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