Monday, October 12, 2015

Brooklyn Lemonade and Fall Fashion

Happy Monday everyone!

Fall has finally fallen, and between sporadic burst of steamy weather and chilly days, I'm embracing my chunky sweaters and funky boots.

Here's what a wore on a busy Sunday-- seriously, I went from working the high school fair where many parents assumed I was a student, until I addressed them with my teacher-persona, to enjoying tasty eats and drink with chill folk at the Atlantic Antic Festival.  Something that I am thoroughly embracing in my tenth year as an educator and at age 30, is just being myself, even if that means consciously wearing a weekend outfit that would likely be misconstrued.  Time is too precious to worry about other people's perceptions.

Here's what I wore:

I am happily continuing to rock this skater dress from ASOS from spring to summer and now into fall.  This dress is my best purchase from ASOS thus far, both in cost, durability and versatility (also featured in this summer post).

The chunky cardigan sweater is from J.Crew a few seasons ago.  I got it for a steal, and at first I didn't get much wear out of it because it's kinda big and doesn't have any buttons or closure options, save for fingers clutching it closed.  At first I didn't know what to do with a huge sweater that doesn't button, but I've since figured it out.  Plus it's perfect for fall, especially since I left my beloved denim jacket at a party and when I inquired about it, the host said it wasn't where I'd left it.  Ah well, there will be a new denim jacket in my closet very soon.

The socks are by Free People, though where they were purchase at Century 21.  Seriously, that day I went into Century 21 on my lunch break, and came out with about six pairs of socks, two over-the-knee pairs by Free People and several other high socks.  I really, really like socks.

The boots are a new purchase from DSW, and are by a Brazilian shoe company called Matisse.  (You can find them here, also in black.)

With my good friends, Ade and Ade of Brooklyn Lemonade, and their tasty, refreshing ginger lemonade.

The tasty, juicy, huge turkey leg that I enjoyed, and had enough to enjoy for dinner and share with my pup, Almond.  Happy days!

Random boots and socks selfie while waiting for the train.

Oh, and I caught a natural hair show that was so much fun.  This model totally stole the show and I could only attempt to capture her essence.

Check out the host's purple yarn braids.  I live!

Until next time,
<3 M

Today's affirmation, one that I say everyone morning upon waking: I'm awake; I'm alive; Thank you, Universe, for another 24 hours to be myself.

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