Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greens and Blues from Top to Bottom

Good morning everyone,

I was very excited about these ankle-length pants to start, and then even more so after figuring out a way to wear them throughout the impending winter.  Ankle-length pants + thoughtful socks + booties = fall and winter appropriate.  Even though it's technically fall, several days have felt like straight-up winter days.

Here's a snapshot I took of my pants and boots en route to work.  I just picked up my boots the day before from their first trip to the cobbler's.  I am grateful that a reasonably priced, skilled cobbler is housed a minute away from my apartment.  New York City pavements eat shoes for breakfast, so a shoe person is essential.

 I snapped these after an afternoon meeting on my way back to my office to pack up for the day.  I'm finding those sometimes random moments to enlist the help of folk at work so that I can keep my blog updated.  Things change, the spirit remains the same.

The sweatshirt (still on sale!), pants (also still sale!) and houndstooth socks are J.Crew, the button-down shirt is from Old Navy, the necklace is J.Crew Factory and the boots are Frye.

A close up of my mix of African bracelets.  I really enjoyed the colors against the overall colors in this look.  (On super busy days, I walk around with my clipboard plush my Macbook... and a water bottle.  The water bottle was strategically left out of the impromptu shoot.)

Trying to switch up my poses a bit, though I will admit, I'm most interested in the style aspects.  I really enjoyed the mix of greens and blues.  I love pairing colors in new ways.  Just like I told that one persistent (always with the same question!) student years ago: I don't match;  I go. 

These boots with their rejuvenated heel allow me to walk properly.  Score!

Better lighting.  I love a good print, especially houndstooth, always as much as I look playing with colors.

Selfie was I was leaving school for the day.  This necklace is from H&M.  Most of the strap isn't visible, but it's a bright blue twisted rope instead of a typical chain.  My accessories-- Warby Parker glasses from a few years ago, 'fever' blush by M.A.C. and Viva Glam lipgloss, also by M.A.C.  Yup, makeup is definitely an accessory, at least how I wear it.

Until next time...

Today's affirmation: Today, I let my light shine. 

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