Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colorful in Pants

Hey everyone!

As many of you know already, I love, love color.  Here's yet another colorful look that I wore recently.  No two colors were repeated, except for when I layered a cropped sweatshirt on top in lieu of a jacket.  I'm seriously struggling out here without my denim jacket!  These photos were hastily taken, but I really enjoyed my outfit, so here goes:

My feet were cut off, my bad!

But my necklace is captured in all its-kinda-heavy-still-fabulous glory!  Yet another reason to smile.

This is no ordinary tee either.  It has a mix of textures-- I love a good tee with a subtle level of interest almost as much as I love a crop sweatshirt.

Now for the details: Top is J.Crew, pants are Gap, necklace is from Bauble Bar, pumps are Frye.

I'm wearing my favorite fall lipstick, a deep purple by Sephora; fever blush by M.A.C. and my polish is my current favorite brand-- American Apparel.  So random, but those polishes wear well!

Oh, and here's a selfie with the gray sweatshirt I mentioned earlier.  My office is super cold, but thank goodness for this soft, comfy, versatile piece.

Until next time,

Today's affirmation is one that I say often, and was given to me (well, a group of us) by Deepak Chopra: I am independent of people's good and bad opinions of me.


  1. nice necklace

  2. Thank you Melody, and thanks for reading:).