Friday, October 23, 2015

Socks and Pumps, Pink and Green

Happy Friday!

I scheduled this to post just as I am en route to a glamping trip upstate with colleagues and yup, you guessed it, high school students.  It's called glamping because it's pretty much a lodge with all the utilities that the last camping experience I went on didn't have.  So glamorous camping it is!  I'm sure I'll have some stories after this weekend, some to share and some to mull over during 'book clubs' with co-workers.

As you all know, I love a good socks and pumps combination.  This one came about so randomly and I almost hesitated to go along with it, but then with each step I took out the door  towards work, I felt even more right about this bold choice I was making.  But by the time I got to the subway, I was over it, and was just another person doing and wearing whatever they want in this great metropolis of New York City.

Here's what I wore:

From the side, it looks pretty simple: gray sweater from J.Crew Factory, green pencil skirt with zipper detailing from J.Crew, pointelle socks that before this day I thought were peach and not pink are from ASOS, and go-to leather pumps by Frye via Zappos.  I mentioned the importance of a skilled, affordable cobbler yesterday... well, these pumps have been 'worked on' about three times in the last three year plus years I've owned them.

Yup, my ankle socks are pink!  And my polish is gray-- I love American Apparel polish by the way.  Great colors and it actually wears well.

And that is a bicycle on my sweater.  I love bikes.  Makes me think of Brooklyn and strong legs.

Not sure what this pose is about, but after a long day at work, anything goes!

Notice I kept my accessories very simple-- no earrings and just my nameplate.

Oh, and I had to get an action shot.  Here's my point of view.  And yup, I've worn this skirt before and blogged about it!

On that note, happy Friday!

Today's affirmation: In this moment, I am just the way that I am intended to be.


  1. Nice skirt :)
    Maria V.

  2. Thanks Maria, and thanks for reading my blog!:)