Monday, October 12, 2015

Shades of Blue and Some Affirmations on the Wall

Hey everyone,

Here are some snapshots of an outfit I wore to work recently.  I love colorblocking with colors in the same family.  Here I'm wearing a bright blue blouse over a navy skirt and a similarly colored necklace on top.

A blouse tucked into a high waist skirt is always easy, and it's definitely one of my go-to looks as long as the waist of the skirt fits properly.  Curvy girl challenges!

Blouse and statement necklace are from J.Crew Factory, skirt is from ASOS, pumps by Fyre and purse is Coach.

I really enjoyed this necklace against this top.  I've worn each many times before, but never together.  Love, love!

I make many faces through out the day, even when I think I'm not.  Ha!  Some of my students let me know, and I just laugh it off, because this is actually me toning down my face-making tendencies.

This year, I'm taking the affirmation wall to a new level. Thanks to a generous colleague, a few affirmations are framed and already on the wall.  Yes, one is crooked and as I told the student who framed all the print outs, that is just the way it needs to be.

Until next time,

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