Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leather at Work

What a long day at work!  Good thing I had an awesome outfit to get me through periods 1-8, extended day and afterwork work.  Yes!

When I first got this dress I was disappointed with its length.  I had intended for it to be a short, flirty dress for nights out.  I got over it, and now have an even greater appreciation for its versatility.  I added a structured, buttoned-all-the-way-up denim top to balance the leather, dark tights and flats to make it work appropriate.  

Here are some quick photos before I hurried off to work.  I will work on my facial expressions, promise!

faux leather dress from Express

hot pink Old Navy flats

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yellow and Sequins in Fall

Whoops!  I've been super busy with work and graduate school, so here are some photos from earlier this month.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of colors and textures.  When I play with colors and neutrals, I like to balance by bringing warm and cold tones into the top and bottom parts of my outfit.  In other words, the gold chain plays off of the brown pumps and the grey tank is balanced by the gray stockings.  The opposite would be, the gray top with brown stockings against the tan skirt and brown pumps.  Not good!

I digress.  This outfit made me happy! 

Express sequins tank, J.Crew skirt and cardigan, Hue tights, Frye pumps

J.Crew bangles, Factory link bracelet, Guess watch


Such a School Teacher!

 This was my extra teacherly outfit from earlier this month.  It's been a while since I've worn this cut, but I look forward to acquiring more skirts like this.

Forever 21 blouse, thrift belt, Asos midi skirt, Frye pumps

Betsy Johnson floral watch

Forever 21 flower studs


Friday, October 18, 2013

Acessorized in a Sweatshirt Dress

I wore my third sweatshirt dress of this four-day week today.  I wore a pleated version on Tuesday and a pencil cut dress sans sweater yesterday (there is room for hips in middle school after all!). Perfect Friday dress.  So easy, roomy but still appropriate for work.  A dress is only way to wear sweats at work! After my late night at graduate school yesterday, I was tempted to wear a tunic and leggings, but then I remembered this find from several seasons ago.  I added some accessories, and voila!  An outfit to take me from work to my nail appointment, and easy to ride my bike in.  Win-win.

J.Crew sweatshirt dress, H&M necklace, J.Crew knit tights, Steven lace-up booties, Coach bag.

I've belted this dress in the past, but I am realizing that I can wear more shapeless clothing.

 I love the zipper detailing in the back.  Perfect detail for such a chill dress.

I am loving my curly locs.  My students told me, others have likened my locs to curly fries, and of course, Medusa.  I always get that one when I curl my hair and middle schools are around.

Happy Friday!
Miss M

"I Need You to Problem Solve"

Student, as he clumsily attempts to put up his chair and it gets tangled in the next chair: "Miss M, I need help!"

Me: "______, I need you to problem solve."

Student is clumsy for another 15 seconds before successfully untangling chair legs and putting up his chair. 

Me: "Now straighten out that desk."

No coddling here. We need to get these sixth graders ready for seventh grade and beyond!

Just another teaching moment after the last bell on a Friday.  Sometimes the only thing I can manage to say is: I so teach sixth grade!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Miss, Is it Your Birthday?"

What a day! It's always hard coming back to work after a three-day weekend; while teachers need the extra day, having a second Sunday sometimes throws us off as well.  As I write this, I am multi-tasking:  juggling some of the tasks I left until the last minute, thinking I'd have time to complete them on Monday, but never did. I'm scanning three chapters of a grad school book (book shares are awesome!), watching the clock until I have to return to the laundromat to pick up my dry clothes, and writing this post. Earlier, I was scanning (slow scanner) as I waited on my clothes in the washer and reviewed tomorrow's lesson. Sigh. So much to do!  After this, I will do some homework and eventually pick up and fold my clothes. After about four weeks of not doing major laundry, and having to dig into the depths of my closet, it feels nice to have many options again.

On a brighter note, students kept asking me if it's my birthday today. I thought I dress like this everyday, but perhaps it's the curly locs (pipe cleaners on wet hair over night!) or the dangly earrings. I actually have a large earring collection, as well as many bangles and rings, but lately I've been wearing studs and the same few bracelets. Digging into the depths of my closet inspired me to change things up. 

Here I am in a new purchase. I love a good sweatshirt dress. This one, from the Gap, has structure and a versatile gray color.  Paired with burgandy J.Crew tights and my Swedish hasbeens, I guess I looked like I was dressed for a party. 

This dress has zipper-detailing in the back and pleats. 

Assorted bracelets: spiked bracelet from H&M, silver bangles from Kenyan market, ring from Forever 21.  

Other ring from from H&M. I enjoyed delving into my jewelry collection and will challenge myself to wear interesting earrings and bangles and rings this week. After all, everyday is my birthday! 

On that note, time for the rest of my night. Happy Tuesday to all!

Miss M

Friday, October 11, 2013

An Orange Dress

Here's a quick post of what I wore on a recent warm day. 

I am loving this bright orange J.Crew Factory dress. It has pockets!

I belted it and added gold accessories to accentuate the color. 

I wasn't sure how my blue nails would look against this vibrant co,or, but it worked! 

I'll be wearing this dress through the fall with deep colored types, likely burgandy or brown, and boots or flats. 

Until next time,
Miss M

Monday, October 7, 2013

Deep Fall Colors

The best thing about the weather changing is deep lipsticks and colored tights.  A good outfit keeps me going on long days.  Here's what I wore on my from-work-to-grad-school day:

MAC's Cyber with pink gloss, J.Crew Factory neck candy
 I had a lot of fun with this outfit. Lots of different colors, arm candy and dark lipstick? I think I will!

J.Crew tweed skirt & Jackie cardigan, thrift sweater top
The colors here truly make me happy.  Warm mustard, deep purples and pinks, gold accessories and some bling...

J.Crew Factory tights, Frye pumps

Denim, tweed, suede and leather? yes!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From Day to Night

My outfit on Friday that took me from day to night.  This form-fitting, sweatshirt-material, pencil dress is a bit much for my work, but was toned down with a long cardigan.  After work I shed a layer and enjoyed my figure-flattering dress.  I love the mix of neutrals-- gray, black and brown-- and the idea of a comfortable yet structured-looking dress.  And of course, the lace socks and pumps made my day!
ASOS dress, H&M crdigan, lace socks from ASOS, Frye pumps, Coach bag

I was feeling pretty neutral so I kept my makeup light with powder, touch of blush and nude, Sephora-brand gloss.

black lace and brown leather.  yes!