Friday, October 18, 2013

Acessorized in a Sweatshirt Dress

I wore my third sweatshirt dress of this four-day week today.  I wore a pleated version on Tuesday and a pencil cut dress sans sweater yesterday (there is room for hips in middle school after all!). Perfect Friday dress.  So easy, roomy but still appropriate for work.  A dress is only way to wear sweats at work! After my late night at graduate school yesterday, I was tempted to wear a tunic and leggings, but then I remembered this find from several seasons ago.  I added some accessories, and voila!  An outfit to take me from work to my nail appointment, and easy to ride my bike in.  Win-win.

J.Crew sweatshirt dress, H&M necklace, J.Crew knit tights, Steven lace-up booties, Coach bag.

I've belted this dress in the past, but I am realizing that I can wear more shapeless clothing.

 I love the zipper detailing in the back.  Perfect detail for such a chill dress.

I am loving my curly locs.  My students told me, others have likened my locs to curly fries, and of course, Medusa.  I always get that one when I curl my hair and middle schools are around.

Happy Friday!
Miss M

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