Monday, February 11, 2013


Mondays are hard for most, but uniquely challening to teachers is having to come to work on a Monday and right away deal with people-- adult colleagues, children and possibly parents.  You never know what or who is waiting for you outside your classroom at 8 in the morning.  Plus, you have to teach mostly sleepy, and sometimes grumpy children.

My tactic: wear something especially teacherly, eat your breakfast, and don't resist.

For me today that looks like: my favorite mustard pencil skirt; navy high-neck blouse;  baby pink cardigan;  navy tights; and feet-friendly, bronze flats.  I actually sat down to eat my oatmeal with frozen, extra-ripe banana and cinnamon mixed in. Lastly, my affirmations for today thanks to watching Oprah's Life Class all day yesterday, revolve around acceptance and love.

I have all the grace I need for today. 

I love. 

Happy Monday to all.
Miss M

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