Friday, October 5, 2012

Act With Understanding

I continue to learn about myself in teaching, and in life.  I understand too much. Sometimes you just need to act.  Interestingly enough, this is what I named as my flaw in my final interview for my current teaching position, and I am just now realizing the depth of it.

In the classroom, having a deep understanding of people and an interest in understanding children is important.  I am able to see good qualities in all children; I welcome the task of unmasking the different intelligences that children have; I enjoy cultivating positive class culture with an understanding of the varying needs.

Successful teaching demands a level of understanding.  However, that child who possesses a deep anger, as a few that I have met over the years, needs to be understood when he catches an attitude without reason.  I can reprimand teach a child how to speak to people who have nothing to do with his anger when his is angry.  But when this angry child throws a punch in the middle of class, there must be an action in the form of a consequence.  To do nothing would be a true disservice, as a teacher's job as teachers is to teach students to be full and productive, participants in society. 

Understanding is a also significant part of my dealing with people outside of the classroom.  I prefer to understand a person's situation, outlook, mindset instead of judging first.  I like to know why people do what they do, and how their lives are.  However, I am realizing that the energy it takes to understand on a deep level is draining.  What about me?  The teacher?  The whole person?  Attempting to understand a situation, or a person, does not dissolve it.  The situation that perplexed in the first place often remains with the only change being, less concentration on other things that need attention.

Thus, I am learning once again that balance is key.  Whereas I initially sought balance between my work life and my life, I also need to balance my understanding with action.

And that I am.

Miss M.

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