Thursday, October 18, 2012

Planting Seeds

Sometimes, whether out of frustration or sheer joy, a teacher takes a moment to write. Here is a reflection from last school year:

Who has taught these children that life must cater to their every want?

It is exhausting, yet I try. Granted this group of six does not represent all children, even in this school. By when children display rude, grating examples of entitlement, I worry. Who will put up with them?  What jobs will they hold? What will their quality of life be?

During math bingo in after school,  tried to reason with explain to seventh graders as to why they need to exercise their brains and divide. They insisted they will always have their cell phones or borrow one. And when they shop-- I gave scenarios-- they will never run out of money. Also they can swipe. "My momma swipe all day." Sigh. I tried to explain that you have to pay back credit card and the said, "no, you don't."

Often as a teacher I have to hold my tongue with patience and understanding as I acknowledge that children are not always ready or capable of understanding things like money, bills, credit cards and job responsibility.

All I can do, and do do, is drop seeds of knowledge and hope that one day they take root, and blossom.

Miss M

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