Monday, October 1, 2012

Balanced in Year Seven

Whenever I think of my first few years of teaching, water comes to mind. 

My first year, I struggled to keep my head above water.  I went to work early, I stayed late and yet, I still felt I could drown at any moment.

My second year, I still struggled, but from the vantage point of having my toroso above water. 

By my third year, I was finally learning to swim.  The shore was both in sight and in reach.  That was the year I embarked on a campaign to reclaim my life from teaching.  And that I did.  I rode my bike to and from work-- often dropping pieces of my day along the way.  I started yoga.  I made dates during the week, enjoyed a few happy hours and once again started to read for pleasure.

Teaching can and will consume you if you allow it.  I have learned to be organized and resourceful enough to be able to leave work for the most part at work. There is also an emotional/mental component that is challenging especially when you work with children with complex home lives, but that is for another post.  So for now in year seven, I am especially grateful for balance.

Miss M

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