Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Sticker Situation

The literacy coach was visiting the other day and she started a sticker craze in sixth grade ELA.  She placed a sticker on my cardigan, and later my co-teacher and I did the same to the children-- except we placed stickers on sleeves, notebooks, whatever we could reach-- and they went crazy!  They love stickers.  I also happen to love stickers, so I have since pulled out my entire sticker collection.  Yes, I do have a sticker collection.  Stickers are awesome.

I have little stickers, big stickers, flat stickers, raised stickers, hologram stickers, scented stickers and even heart-shaped perfume stickers that came in the Viva La Juicy perfume I treated myself to at the start of the school year.  I'm really good at scavenging things to re-purpose as student rewards.

Ever since that day, the sticker situation has evolved into stickers during the entry slip, or do now, and a super sticker for the star entry slip. My co-teacher and I will scan the entry slips as the students write, and place an awesome ant sticker or a tiny smiley face on notebook pages to acknowledge on task behavior. After four minutes are up, we acknowledge the best entry slip by shouting out that student as his class class gives props by clapping or snapping fingers.  That student reads his work and chooses a super sticker-- usually one of the larger stickers with an animal on it or brightly colored apple.

The sixth grade is eating up the sticker situation. And I love it.

Until next time.
Miss M

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