Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Cultural, Foodie Adventure

What a beautiful weekend!  On Saturday O and I had a cultural/foodie adventure.  Seriously. In the span of a few hours, through sunshine and an intense downpour, we ate, pondered over art, ate some more, and thoroughly enjoyed our day and each other.  For our date afternoon, I reached deep into my closet and put together a funky outfit reminiscent of my most truest, stylish self.  An outfit that got me thinking: I should go thrifting and vintage shopping in Brooklyn ASAP.  It's been too long!

My main piece was this Harriet's Alter Ego dress from at least six years ago, worn here as a skirt.  The tied striped top was inspired by a girl I saw on my way home from the gy.  Tie, my top?  Why not!  I liked the pattern mixing, very fun.  The cardigan was a way to go from cooler to warmer temperatures seamlessly.  The clutch was a polished touched to this funky look.  Initially I had my purple cross over, but that was a bit much.  In the end, my purple lip was just the right touch.

J.Crew cardigan, tank, Harriet's Alter Ego African print dress, sandals from DSW, coach clutch, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Heroine lipstick by M.A.C.
Pattern against pattern against pattern.  Yes!  This mural on a random block in Williamsburg gave me life.  I love when I find beautiful patterns where ever they might be.

 I love the asymmetrical nature of this skirt.  Very fun, and definitely flirty without being too much.

Another mural in Williamsburg.  I appreciate art in many forms in and many places.  Art against art.

 This skirt inspires me to do two things: one, take the African cloth my grandmother gave me in Congo years ago and get some pieces made and two, shorten the long skirts I had made into something more wearable.  I'm envisioning midi skirts, or just below the knee.  As for my cloth, I've been flirting between a structured dress and shorts, or some skirts made.  Will see.

Here I am inside the Domino Sugar Factory after viewing Kara Walker's Subtlety exhibit.

One of the many sugar babies at the exhibit, each made of molasses and dusted with white and brown sugars.

After view the Kara Walker exhibit, I happened across a wedding at the waterfront.  The most beautiful part to me was the openness of the nuptials.  There were people who happened by, who simply stopped to listen to the sermon and bare witness.  Definitely a beautiful, Brooklyn moment. 

Here's the best thing I ate that day.  Fried anchovies, Jersey style AKA with the head on, with a tasty dipping sauce.   I finally made it to Smorgasburg, where I hit up the Bonchovie stand and sampled some other eats.

Here's my best Yelp elite, total foodie photo.  Finally a decent one of me chowing down.  If this day is any indicator of the staycation I'm gearing up for after the school year ends, I can't wait!  Summer in Brooklyn is truly the best.  Even in summer nine, I still know that to be true.

Until next time.



  1. I love tying my top too, love your dress/skirt. I'm here wondering how you were able to tuck it in and make it look like a skirt. Also love your lip colour, what are you wearing?

  2. Thank you! The lip color is called Heroine by M.A.C. Thanks for reading!