Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Little Things

What a sweltering, muggy day in Brooklyn!  It truly is the time of sleeveless dresses when possible or at least a modest cap sleeve.  I entered my classroom today, after having biked up a hill in my wedges and not-so-breathable dress, and pushed the power button on the air conditioner. When nothing happened, my face fell.  Seriously.  I couldn't.  No, not today, I thought.  There I was under-the-weather, yet present at work. No co-teacher or coverage assigned but open to having a good day.  I let about six kids in my classroom early to take down chairs and one of them, awesome A, got the air conditioner to start. I was so thankful!  I only had about five minutes to set up for the day, and with practically no voice, I needed everything to be ready and easily accessible.

H&M dress, Bauble Bar neon crown jewels collar necklace, Target wedges, Guess watch
I've been sick since Saturday, but I've been trying to put my best foot forward through dress and attitude at work.  This is my second time wearing this classic-cut, navy dress, but first time in this way.

The length of this dress, along with the roomy cut, is perfect for biking.

My students let me know that I "looked sick" the day before, and in all fairness I was.  But when another student said that my usual glow wasn't there, I tried to add some with my makeup this morning.  I'm wearing highlighter around my eyes and fever blush by M.A.C.  Fake it until you make it!

Teaching is often about the little things.  Nuances in teacher tone, planning, preparation, as well as small moments between students and teachers.  It's the little things like when a student notices that you are under the weather and shows empathy. Or when a student tells you the truth as they see it and mean well.  Regardless, it doesn't take much to fully show up to work, dressed, even when under-the-weather.  How?  A dress, neat shoe, statement piece and a little blush.

Until next time,
Miss M

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