Sunday, August 25, 2013


Jan in the water during the sunset.
My good friend Jan and I often celebrate our August  birthdays together. The first time we did so was seven years ago in Oklahoma City.  This year we traveled to to Tobago, the countryside half of Trinidad and Tobago, for six beautiful days. I won't share all that went down,some things that happen in Tobago stay in to Tobago, but here are a few highlights of our fun in the Caribbean.

I am officially a reformed over-packer.  I got this adorable Betsy Johnson weekend bag while shopping with my sister at Marshall's earlier this summer and have been dying to use it.  It's quite large so I figured it'd be perfect for a 
week-long beach trip. 

a stop during our tour of Tobago

I devoured this goat roti with pepper sauce and mango in a cab. The best I've ever had!

I ended up wearing only half of what I packed, but here's what I wore one day to the beach and to get fresh bread from the traditional outdoor oven. Delicious!  The zebra dress is from h&m and little extra so I figured perfect for the beach with flip flips.

What we enjoyed most mornings. Saltfish with avocado and mango (literally falling off the trees there!), and on this morning, eggs and fresh bread. 

A chicken, Nali short for personality to be exact laid an egg in my bed on day five of our trip. She then tried persistently to return the next morning to do the same. Despite locked windows, she managed to enter through various openings in our indoor-outdoor apartment.  Thankfully this happened during the last two days of our stay.

Looking forward to our next birthday or just because vacation.


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