Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Floral Dress and First Week of School

The summer is officially over for teachers (and students)!  As usual, the first week of school came and went so quickly, I didn't have time to post these photos from my last week of summer vacation before now.  Ah, well.  It is never too late!  

First things first: Target is killing it right now!  I have bought a few pieces from Target that I am really excited about.  This dress is one of them.  I will definitely be wearing this dress this fall in two ways.  For work, I'll add black opaque tights, a cardigan and low brown pumps; and for play, I'll wear it with thigh-high socks and boots.  

Secondly, many people are wondering about my new work situation.  Only thing I have to say right now is that it is amazing!  And there is a low-basically-none-existent turnover rate for a reason!  Also, I am now teaching high school, which is a huge change from teaching junior high, more about that later.  I am now commuting to work via subway instead of riding my bike, walking or taking the bus.  This is also my first time working in Manhattan, so that will be interesting.  It is definitely a much faster, busier pace, so I'm curious to see what observations I'll make as the year progresses.

Back to this outfit.  I felt like a girl in this dress!  I love wearing white chucks with dresses for a playful look.

This artist has been putting up/creating murals all over my neighborhood.  I wonder what her story is...

One last thing about this dress: it has a back zipper!  The most flattering cut of a dress has a zipper.  This allows the wearer to adjust herself into the dress, and accent the waist.  Love love!

Until next time,