Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feeling Fab in Another Shapeless Dress

What a long week!  While I am nicely adjusting to teaching high school (more about that later) I am also finishing up my last semester of graduate school, and starting my internship.  Rather, I am still working on finalizing my internship contract, trying to figure out exactly what I'll be doing at my school.  

Anyhow, here is another outfit I really enjoyed recently.  Another Target dress-- again, Target is killing it!-- my Fyre pumps, Bauble Bar neon necklace and some arm candy.  Of course, I can't forget my Ruby Woo lipstick with a little dark red Sephora liner.  

A few years ago I would have never worn a shapeless dress, but I have learned that a curvy woman such as my self can rock one.  This dress makes the third or fourth flowy dress that I have in my closet, include my favorite sweatshirt dress that I used to belt once upon a time.

I think the key to wearing a shapeless dress when you have curves is the way it falls.  The dress shouldn't get stuck at the hips, but instead has to just... flow.  

As for my makeup, I'm also trying something new: red blush and red lipstick.  Bold, but definitely me.

Until next time,

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