Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two More Saturdays of Saturday School!

Two more Saturdays of Saturday school!  This whole being in school again while working full-time with middle schoolers and working two per session jobs-- I'm over it!  But, I did pay for my tuition out of pocket over the last three months so I am grateful for the extra income and smart decisions, such as taking a three-month hiatus from shopping, and refraining from taking a spring break trip.

Today, I wore a comfortable weekend outfit to teach Saturday school. Dark gray jeggings, black asymmetrical tunic, light gold sneaker wedges and lots of bangles. As far how it went, I told one student to not come back next Saturday.  I told him this at least ten times in different ways. This teacher does not have time for the nonsense on Saturdays!

Afterwards, I met up with a good friend for brunch instead doing my homework. And then, I slept like a baby, cuddled up with Almond after one episode of Strange Addictions. I'll do homework tomorrow. I am a little behind in one class, but the professor is in Spain and definely not checking my assignments or anyone else's while there.

On that note, I'm going to get ready for a double date. It is crucial that a teacher maintain a social life, time with her own peers in a regular setting.

Miss M

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