Monday, April 22, 2013

The Children Will Learn

I lost my patience today.  I know that I teach sixth grade, and most of my students are actually eleven, but the tantrums coupled with a particularly disrespectful student was too much.  There are few things that get a rise out of me in the typical classroom.  One of them is when a student who is off task tries to either disrupt an on-task student, or even worse, attempts to instigate a situation between two other students.  It's one thing to sabotage one's own education, but it's another to do that to another.  Not on my watch.

I know this is a well-known story: A teacher frustrated by a student's lack of learning or distracting playful nature. We expect, hope the student sees the big picture, but often times they're too caught being ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen to realize how today's lesson impacts their future. It all seems cliche, and not real. You're out to get me. You don't like me us. Regardless of how many times I say, I do, we do, they're just not ready to receive. Few are.

So with understanding, I continue on. Spewing my lessons, and occasional tirades, while doing my best to teach children who will learn.

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