Friday, January 17, 2014

Cords and Sneakers

Work has been crazy busy and I am looking forward to things calming down soon.  Here's what I wore last week to a Professional Development on PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention Systems.  The PD was actually the only one I've attended in my career that focused on behavior. I really enjoyed it. The more I grow as an educator and develop my educational philosophy, the more I can confidently articulate that I believe in teaching the whole child. Educators often assume that students know or should know how to conduct themselves in the school setting and beyond. But they do not always, and if they do, they are easily swayed by peers. While teaching small classes, I always taught behavior. Now I'm realizing that students in the general education setting also need the same teaching. I digressed; this is an outfit post after all, so more about teaching the whole child another time.

I am enjoying my newish highlights!  And I am growing in my brows, they will soon be beautifully thick:-)

J.Crew Factory sweater, Old Navy chambray shirt, Gap cords
I'm loving my Gap 1969 thin cords. Love, love!  I also have them in hunter green.

I didn't realize I wore red and blue together until looking at these pictures.  I think the gold accents made it okay for me.  I typically avoid wearing certain color combinations that remind me of popular things, such as red and blue or orange and black.

J.Crew pave link bracelet, Guess watch
Yes, that's a snowman on my nail:)

Vince Camuto gold wedge sneakers

Happy Friday!
Miss M


  1. What grade do you teach? I teach 7th grade this year, but I've had more experience in elementary school (2nd grade). My former school used PBIS, and my current school is looking into implementing it. I'm currently apart of our school's school-wide discipline community and I'm hoping we get to go to some actual PBIS meetings/seminars this year!

    The outfit!! Chambray, chambray, chambray. Perfect! It's always a great day to wear chambray!

    More Modern Modesty

  2. Thanks! I love chambray and wear it often:)

    I teach sixth grade currently. In the past I taught 7th and 8th grades. Hopefully you get to go to some PBIS seminars because they are very helpful and necessary! I imagine teaching middle school after teaching 2nd grade is a huge change, but one that will leave you with a lot of experience in a wide range of grades.

    Thanks for reading!