Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Acceptance is Key-- Happy 2014!

Acceptance.  That is my word of today.  Some of the hardest moments in a teacher's life, is accepting the fact that vacation is over and back to work she goes.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my twelve-day vacation, and though it's hard to accept that it's over, I must.  The only other alternative is being miserable right now and being unprepared tomorrow.  So, yup!  I'm back to teaching sixth graders in Brooklyn tomorrow at 8 AM.  I will be prepared, I will be dressed and I will be present.  

With that said, Happy 2014!  Here's what I wore today:
my name necklace is back!  It's been broken for a year, but O revived it and I grateful.  I'm wearing a bit of MAC's Heroine lipstick with a gloss over it.  I heard Heroine is scheduled to be re-released tomorrow!!!!

H&M navy sweater; olive green, un-sweatpants with zipper detailing from J.Crew; coach Madison bag, and my Vince Camuto sneakers.
I have been living in these gold, wedge sneakers this winter.  I even wore them to work once.  Love love!  They inspire me to create a sneaker collection.

I spent my day at the movies-- I saw Her with Joaquin Phoenix-- and did a little shopping.  I bought an eyeliner kit from Sephora that I am so excited about.  I will be trying it out tomorrow for my first day back to work.  I also got my favorite nude lipgloss, called perfect nude.  From there, I hit up Whole Foods for some skin and beauty favorites.  I love their glycerin soap-- my skin is super sensitive so aside from makeup, I prefer natural products.  I also got coconut oil and food-based vitamins.

I was feeling so inspired once I accepted tomorrow that I even cooked!  I made baked chicken with minced onion and garlic, mushroom rice and sauteed spinach.  Time to eat! 

Miss M

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