Thursday, August 15, 2013


I have been living my dream as a jet-setter this summer, so I'm having trouble keeping up my documenting all the experiences! 

Here are some photos from my travels to the Pacific Coast side of Mexico.  From San Miguel de Allende we took an overnight luxury bus to Zihuatanejo. I mention luxury bus because it is important to take the luxury, though still affordable, buses when traveling long distances in Mexico. These buses make fewer stops and use toll, in other words, safe roads. I didn't know how we were getting to the coast until we arrived in San Miguel and the second person we met told us exactly how to get there. I love that about traveling! We took a bus to Celaya and from there a 7-8 hour bus to Zihuatanejo. 

Upon arriving in Zihuatanejo we stayed at a hostel, El Rincon del Viajero, in a VIP room room with private bathroom. It's the off season so the only other people there were this nice couple also from Brooklyn who were doing a help exchange for a month or two. 

During our few days in Zihua, we went to the beach, had freshly caught fish fried deliciously  on the beach, and did some impromptu hiking. 

Outside our room.
A portrait with our new dog, Troy. 

I've had this colorblock Americam Apparel dress for years!

My favorite bikini top that fits surprising well-- J.Crew floral-- and my favorite high waisted bikini bottoms-- leopard from American Apparel.


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