Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Peace with the End of Summer

It takes all summer for me to sleep in. Up until my last vacation in Negril, I was getting up at six, going for runs at times but mostly reading in bed until I fell back asleep. The trick I've learned, is to stay in bed and not jump up and go as I've done previous summers. 

And now that I have less than a week left, and am thoroughly jet lagged and slightly overwhelmed with all the fun, social to-dos-- gym dates, final beach trips of the summer, potlucks, lunch dates and a weekend day party-- I am now sleeping in.  Keeping in mind I resume classes at Hunter this week, I only have this Friday & possibly Labor Day to work on my garden, which is in serious distress from a summer of neglect travel, really walk my dog, and get myself organized for the upcoming school year. 

So how does a teacher make peace with the end of summer and banish the back-to-school blues? 

By enjoying every last hour of summer vacation, even if it means over-scheduling. And hey, I'll walk the dog regularly in September. 

M, soon to be Miss M once again 

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