Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grad School Update: Late Nights

I got home just after ten o'clock last night.  My classmates started looking at me crazy when I talked about how late it was to be out and about.  It was 9:15 and we were being dismissed from class.  What I meant was, it felt ungodly to be out and about on a school night for some purpose other than a teacher's fun-- at the bar, somebody's bornday, finishing up a late dinner, getting off a plane just in time for some ZZZs before work...

"Good night" has a whole new meaning.  Last time I said that to colleagues, it was really the afternoon, as is customary in NYC school culture.  Good night at 3:45 pm.  Good night. I get it though.

I digress.

This whole teaching a full day at work and then taking two long classes back to back takes some getting used to.  Thankfully my second professor let us out 25 minutes early.  I am grateful for her understanding.  After all, I do live in Brooklyn, and class is in upper Manhattan.

On a productivity note, a classmate shared with me Notability.  I actually had it downloaded already on my iPad, but I didn't realize its full capacity and benefits.  I get it now.  Organize articles and notes by class, highlight text and write on the articles just like paper.  Only thing now is I need to recover my stylus, the one I never used.

Will do in time.
Miss M

** written a while back, finally published!

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