Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Side

I had to show my other side to my sixth graders today. As I told them, they mistook me. I am calm. I am extremely patient. I like to understand all that I come across. However, I do not tolerate rude children.

I realize now as I write this, that's what it is. When your teacher needs your attention, you give it. Yet, there I was waiting and repeating myself over and over. It was ridiculous. I did not have that class under control. Control as I read--- means getting students to choose to do what you want them to. It was the opposite of control. They were choosing to not listen to me.

If my principal was not outside the door conferring with my co-teacher, I would have let them know sooner.  Not that what I did was wrong, I just know that not everything you set out to do involving children works out. So I waited. And I monitored my energy.

When my co-teacher returned, I spoke firmly without yelling.  And then I took a risk.  I moved seats in the middle of class. Not recommended, but it worked.

By the end of class, not a sound. So-and-so started to complain that his desk neighbor, who happens to be the girl with many ailments, was touching him. I told him them I do not have time for the nonsense. Enough.

Tomorrow we'll review the expectations and what it means to be respectful in class.

Miss M

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