Friday, September 14, 2012

Class Expectations or Those of the School?

Last week as my colleagues and I discussed which routines and expectations to teach first.  Our dialogue got me thinking: which do you teach first? Your individual rules, expectations and procedures for your class? Or do you, as a co-worker put, teach community first?

I've always taught my classroom expectations first. To me they lay the foundation of what's required to be successful in a classroom setting.  Coming from a self-contained, special education background, where class community is paramount, I couldn't imagine teaching a piece of a procedure for the school at large on day one.  My thing is, before you can even be part of a community, you need to have an understanding of who you are and what your role is.

I get the other side-- it is important to show a united front-- but I think it'd take much more planning to pull off a seamless day one of each teacher, teaching a part of all that a student needs to get through the school day successfully.

Regardless, just make you sure teach routines and rules expectations explicitly.

Miss M

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