Friday, September 14, 2012


It's Friday!

The kids were especially energetic today.  One boy even got his foot stuck under his chair this morning.  As my co-teacher taught, my paraprofessional circulated, I calmly instructed him to remove his shoe, moved the desk, he shifted a little and his foot was free.  How did that happen? Who knows!  You gotta just act first and then smile later sometimes.  I'm learning that working with six graders is a lot different than the usually over-age seventh and eighth graders I'm used to teaching.

That and I was asked to write a recommendation for a girl.  She wants to join the school's esteemed robotic club. Two claps!  (That's one of the props my co-teacher and I use with our classes.)

Okay, time for happy hour and dinner.

Miss M

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