Friday, September 14, 2012

A Nightmare

It's only a few days into the school year, and I've already had a teacher nightmare. This is not including the dream I had earlier in the week about school. In the nightmare I was late for work. At most  jobs, being late may not acceptable but it's not like a group of 12-30 students are waiting for you at your office door as you fly down the hall all out of breathe, looking slightly frazzled.

And in this nightmare in particular, I was a good two hours late. In the dream, I awoke in a panic with the thought, "I didn't even call!"

That day I did got to work without a second to spare. I arrived just as the secretary pulled my time card. Whoops!  She gave it back though. And in my haste,  I locked my bike to the school gate and in the afternoon, part of my beautiful kickstand on my beautiful, new bike was missing. Yup, I do teach middle school.

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