Sunday, March 30, 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Orange and Red

I shouldn't start every post off with what a week, but seriously, what a week!  It's Friday, yet,I'm posting photos from Teacher Tuesdays. Here are the photos Rosie and I took after a long evening of classes. This photo doesn't do our outfits justice-- I didn't realize how dim our windowless classroom is until now-- but a photo is better than no photo.

Sometimes we end up coordinating with out meaning to, but here our outfits played off each other nicely.

Rosie is wearing all J.Crew with boots by Rag and Bone and a David Yurman bracelet.

I'm wearing a J.Crew factory baseball tee and necklace, my favorite metallic tweed pencil skirt by J.Crew, Hue tights in brown, leather pumps by Frye.

There's nothing like an accessory, whether it be a necklace, lipstick, or both, to complete an outfit.  I really enjoyed Rosie's vibrant red lipstick as a balance to her burgundy pants, bringing the outfit together from top to bottom.

My outfit was one that I took a risk on.  It may seem like I do that often, but sometimes I also get caught in my typical types of looks.  I decided to pair the orange baseball tee with my tweed skirt and balance the warmth of the top with brown tights instead of my usual black.  I balanced the sparkle in the skirt with the necklace.  I also bought out my lipstick collection to see which one would work best.  I decided on a nude, Half and Half, and a red blush.  Nudes are tricky for me, as I have yet to figure out how to apply enough that lasts without looking dry and chalky.  I may need to use a pencil, and maybe even a primer. 

Happy weekend to all!
Miss M

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