Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was awesome!  The weather was perfectly sunny.  I started the day off with a much needed run to the park with my dog.  Since I got up at 7 am, by noon I was off to the city to run some much needed errands, enjoy a delectable lunch with O and I get a budget prescription in Chinatown for my latest Warby Parker glasses.  Here's what I wore:

Express leather-like tights, J.Crew denim jacket, Converse white sneakers

A little out of focus, but fabulous just the same. 

I may be wearing all black and neutrals, but my accessories-- from the party on my arm, to my neon manicure, fuchsia lipstick and purple purse-- scream spring. 

This Coach cross over was money well-spent!  I knew I'd be able to wear purple like a neutral, just because. 

I love wearing white Converse with black pants. Yes. 

Girl About Town lipstick by M.A.C., Fever blush also by M.A.C.

As for what I bought:

A brightly patterned romper, studs and lots of midi rings from Forever 21. 

Not pictured: Heroine lipstick and a new tube of Girl About Town from M.A.C.  I also got a new embark eye shadow, which is the deep brown that I use to fill in my brows. 

As for lunch:
It was delicious!  Crunchy Vietnamese rooks, followed by a large bowl of Pho with eye of round, brisket, tendon and tripe.  

Until next time,

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