Sunday, May 4, 2014

Packing Efficiently: Another Trip to San Juan

I've had this blog post in mind for some time now, and my latest trip to San Juan was the perfect opportunity to give it life.  Ever since I went on my first international trip (not that Puerto Rico is international, but stay with me here!) to Kenya at 19 years old, and had to unzip my huge, Samsonite suitcase in the Dulles airport because it was over 70lbs and stuff things into Cooper's suitcase, I have learned to pack efficiently.

That same purple suitcase from my Jamaica trip last August (chronicled here), I traveled for two weeks throughout Mexico with (see my four-part series here), and one week in Spain with.  Just that suitcase and a tote bag.

As a fashionista, I like to be prepared for everything with the right kind of outfit.  I'd rather be over dressed than under, and I love my accessories.  I feel this one week trip was perfectly packed, and I had everything I needed for a beach vacation with some sightseeing and a night or two on the town.

My jewelry, most of it packed in my clutch during travel except for my bracelets which I wore most of my trip.  I had a lot of fun picking out what earrings and rings to take, even making some re-discoveries of old favorites.  I bought a long a few perfume samples-- perfect excuse to wear a new scent and still be able to carry-on my luggage.

My two purse options, J.Crew clutch from last summer and Coach bag, as well as my leopard makeup bag filled with bronzers and bright lipsticks.  I didn't wear much makeup on my trip, most days I didn't want to alter my freshly, sunkissed look.

My crop tops!  My look was definitely crop tops, pencil skirts, short shorts and big earrings.  I bought all the printed ones at the last minute from Marshall's. 

My houndstooth skirt and white high waist pencil skirts from ASOS, and floral romper from Express.
My striped mini dress, nowadays only worn as a beach coverup, from Target, super high-waisted black shorts and high-waist denim shorts from Express, lightweight cardigan from Express.

My bathing suits on the left: black J.Crew top, houndstooth and striped highwaist bottoms from American Apparel and red floral bottom from Victoria's Secret, neon one piece from American Apparel.  Tribal romper from Forever 21.

My three pairs of shoes: each from DSW, including the Croc jellies which double as beach shoes.

My boo and I waiting for our flight at JFK.  Another trip to remember.  Life is good!  These are the moments I return to during especially hard teaching moments.

Up next, what I wore and what I ate in San Juan and around.


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